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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Happy Mother's Day, Mom

(Anthology) My precious stories with my mother

I don't know how to express my feelings at this time. This is the first year on Mother's Day without my mother.
A very bad day and make me collapsed a few months ago that when my mother was ill and eventually died of the disease.

And I do not know suddenly yesterday I was crying in my sleep. At that time I was semi-conscious but I could feel them strongly. There is an urgent pain and my tears dripping. I cried in bed until finally wake up and still crying. It is the second time the mother came in my dream after she died.

I kept begging and asking Allah that brings me to the mother in the dream. All memories of him suddenly flashed alternately in my mind. The days when I was with her even though it was a rare moment.

Mother is the strongest person I have. She never cried in front of me. She never asked for anything. She is the one who will always put their children above their own interests. Mother always be on the side of my circumstances.

Now, I don't know how I show her my love. I regret not spending more time with her. I miss U, mom. Blessed in heaven. I hope you meet Allah and the prophet Muhammad and his relatives.

Tulungagung, 22 Desember 2015

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