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Assalamualaikum... Aku minta maaf karena baru bisa post kelanjutan dari sinopsis 'The Land of Five Towers' hari ini. Sebenarnya, dari pertama postingan SYNOPSIS "THE LAND OF FIVE TOWERS" NOVEL BY AHMAD FUADI  aku unggah di blog tahun 2015 lalu, banyak sekali permintaan untuk melengkapi sinopsis 'The Land of Five Towers'. Bahkan ada juga yang meminjam bukunya karena buku ini cukup sulit didapat di beberapa kota. Sekali lagi, maaf banget buat sahabat yang udah komentar, inbox di facebook bahkan chat aku. Semoga tulisan ini bisa membantu kalian menyelesaikan tugas, dan jangan lupa untuk menyantumkan sumber jika ingin copas tulisan ini ya. Love you so much :-*


In Madani Pesantren, they were given the freedom to join calligraphy, music, karate, sports, qoriah, hafidz Al-Quran, journalists and others. Unlike the Alif imagined at home, turned out to Madani Pesantren more fun with more attention and cared for progression all students. Every time was learning, even the punishment given category also includes learning.

Beneath Madani Pesantren’s tower, their imaginations returned to seeing these clouds transform into a world map. Alif often interpret the clouds race as the mainland visited by Columbus about 500 years ago, the American continent. But Raja did not see America at all. He thought it looked like Europe. Baso and Atang thought the cluster of clouds were Asia and Africa. Ever since reading about the culture of Egypt and Middle East, both of them were crazy about the cultures of this region. Unlike their fourth friends, the way Dulmajid and Said saw it these clouds were in Indonesia’s sky. They also agreed that this country was the place to fight and the best place to do goods.

In the fifth grade, they had mandate to run the activities of Madani Pesantren from upstream to downstream. Said became the head of the central security team, a member of elite Magnificent Seven, the seven people chosen to uphold the security of Madani Pesantren. This was fitting with his dream way back when in front of the newspaper panels. But this was not the most pleasant of position. Security, whose job it was to maintain discipline, was ironically always seen as disturbing the peace, rigid, and uncompromising.

Raja who was proficient in English became the member of Three Musketeers, the nickname for the three central language patrollers. These three people had superior Arabic and English skills and became role models for all students. Alif really liked learning English and Arabic. Becoming a language patroller was a good choice. But he also wanted to write and be the editor of a magazine. So he tried one for a month to be language patroller.  Atang, who once aspired to be part of guest reception, was entrusted to be on the Central Art Council. And then, Dulmajid got a position that was most fitting: one of the five editors of Syams. They were happy with this responsibility, because they believed in this organization will provide the experience and lessons as well as education that are useful up to a year ahead.

Baso wanted to memorize Al-Quran to his parent salvation who had died.  Since childhood Baso was raised by his grandmother, but now her grandmother was sick and could not get out of bed. Baso said goodbye that he wanted to quit school in the Madani Pesantren and went to school near his home, teaching and caring for his grandmother who was sick. They were very sad to hear about it.

The homecoming of his friend, Baso made Alif wants to go home forever too. Moreover, Alif received letters from Randai. It made him wanted to go home and enter a public school again. Although he was ashamed with his reason that only because of the letters from Randai, Alif still wanted to go home. His dream to continue the study in public school appeared in his mind. And then, his father came to Madani Pesantren and said that Alif had already signed up to take the national high school examination in eight months. It made Alif continue his study in Madani Pesantren enthusiastically.

Graduated from Madani Pesantren, they continued to University. And, until one day, Alif, Atang and Raja met in London on the occasion of the inter-faith world. Alif stayed in Washington DC as well as a Tempo journalist VOA reporter. Raja had been living in London for the past year with his wife Fatia after finishing his degree in Islamic Law with title of License in Medina. Atang had been studying in Cairo for past eight years, and now in a doctoral program for Hadist at Al Azhar University.

Said was now carrying on the Jufry family batik business at Pasar Ampel in Surabaya. Just as they’d dreamed, Said and Dulmajid worked together to built a pesantren with the spirit of Madani Pesantren in Surabaya. And then, Baso got a scholarship from Saudi Arabian government with his incredible ability to memorize the entire contents of Al-Quran. They were now in five different countries, in the five towers of their dreams before.

Bonus nih sekalian kukasih "Biography of the Author"

Ahmad Fuadi was born in Bayur, Maninjau, West Sumatra on December 30, 1972. His father named Muhammad Faried Diateh Sulthany and his mother was Suhasni. Ahmad Fuadi migrated to Java to follow her mother request to study in Islamic boarding school. In Gontor Pesantren, he met Kiai and the teacher who teach him valuable knowledge. Gontor Pesantren also gave him a simple formula but powerful: Man Jadda Wajada, it means that anyone who serious will be successful. He also got some knowledge and foreign language as a key to reach the world.

With Man Jadda Wajada, he dared to follow University Entrance Test (UMPTN), then he was received in International Relations, UNPAD. During his study, Fuadi represented Indonesia for the Youth Exchange Program in Quebee, Canada. At the end of the school in Bandung, Fuadi got a chance one-semester to study at the National University of Singapore in SIF Fellowship program. After graduating, he learned that his favorite magazines (Tempo) re-appeared, after the Suharto regime fell. He got a new opportunity, accepted him as a journalist. Work on Tempo Magazine was his dream.

A year later, he got a Fulbright scholarship for the post-graduated at the School of Media and Public Affairs, George Washington University. Then, he migrated to Washington DC with Yayi, his wife who was also a journalist. While studying, they became correspondents and reporters of tempo Voice Of America (VOA) covering stories such historic events of 11 September they report directly together, live from the Pentagon, the White House and Capitol Hill. In 2004, another opportunity opened again when he got the Chevening Award scholarship to study documentary film at Royal Holloway, University of London. As a scholarship hunter, he is always enthusiastic to continue his education and find more scholarship. Ahmad Fuadi has had opportunities ti life and study in Canada, Singapore, USA, and the UK. (Wikipedia, 2015)

He loves reading and traveling. He also likes photography. Ahmad Fuadi mastered the Indonesian language, and familiar with Arabic and France. He is also busy being a speaker and motivator locally and internationally. He build a social foundation, Komunitas Menara, a volunteer-based social organization that provides free schools, libraries, clinics, and soup kitchens for the less fortunate.

Here is the educational background of Ahmad Fuadi:

1.    Pondok Modern Gontor, Ponorogo, 1988-1992

2.    Padjadjaran University, Indonesia, Department of International Relations, 1992-1997

3.     International Educational Programs, CWY, Canada, Montreal, 1995-1996

4.    National University of Singapore, a semester of study abroad, 1997

5.    The George Washington University, Washington DC, MA in Media and Public Affairs, 1999 – 2001

6.    Royal Holloway, University of London, UK, MA in Media Arts, 2004-2005 

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